Easy Brunch Strata Bake

by Tasty


Makes as much as in the video

6 eggs ?
2.5 cup milk ?
2 Tsp salt ?
2 Tsp pepper ?
6 cup cubed crusty bread ?
1 cup cubed ham ?
1 spinach, cooked and drained ?
1 cup shredded cheese ?


At first you whisk together eggs, milk, a bit salt and pepper. Then add the cubed crusty bread, stir and let the bread soak up all the egg mix.

Oil a medium pan, put down half of the soaked bread, add spinach, cheese and finally some ham at least. Top with the rest of the bread. If you really need to, pat down the strata with your spoon or spatula. Then at least you can sprinkle more cheese over the top.

Bake in preheated oven at 350°F / 177°C for around 45 minutes and enjoy your meal.


Easy Brunch Strata Bake
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