It´s been our mission to share food videos in an easy way to regain them and to save them.

Why do we have started that online food category? What has treated us to do?

Nearly one year ago we have been thinking about that special idea everyone is searching for minimum once in life. After having a lot of different options, we decided to start the food thing first. Here we are! First of all we have agreed that we have to create something most people love. And yes, we think it´s food! Even if you don´t like food that much as we do, you have to get something in your stomach. That´s life. But how to make something special people are doing everyday? The answer is: Creating it very simple and easy to keep overview and to bring up new features to bring finally the dish on the table.

What are we doing exactly?

We like watching food videos. Just by watching them you get that specific feeling of „damn, let me taste..?!“ If you haven't saved this video on Facebook or other social media networks the lovely video is gone somewhere in the „newsfeed wilderness“. So to regain it, it takes hours and hours and finally you haven´t got it back. Yep, that´s sad! So we have been thinking about how to create a website by listing all good food videos into categories. YumTube is publishing famous food videos by some social media blogs and categorizes them easy into some listings above. Now you find them, you can save them and you can share them with your friends and family. And the best thing is, you can create shopping lists if you don't have all ingredients at home.

Our final goal?

Eating from dishes which never become empty! No, we are kidding. We would like to have the best online food register of nice food experiments and recipes to regain and to share them within seconds. And we think we already have reached the beginning of our final goal. We just hope you like it and share our idea to make us famous.